Visit Those in Need

Visit Those in Need

Two of the corporal works of mercy include “visit the sick” and “visit the imprisoned.” As such, outreach to those seeking visitors are central to the mission of the Church and to the parish. Whether someone is in the hospital, unable to leave home, or imprisoned, the Christian call to reach out to people who cannot physically make it to our building is alive at Holy Family. Consider getting involved in one of the following ways.

Eucharistic Homebound Ministry: Teams of commissioned Eucharistic ministers volunteer to bring communion one Sunday a month to a few people unable to come to Mass. The sacred responsibility of bringing the Lord to others comes with an added component of personal contact. Visiting someone in their home fosters relationships, and for some, provides needed social interaction. If you have a calling to serve in this way, contact Barb Ewen at

Care One Concord: Each Wednesday at 10:30am, a team of volunteers leads a service and distributes communion at Care One in Concord. Volunteers need not be available every week; reliable service is appreciated in whatever way works for volunteers. For More information, contact Kelli Dunn at

Hospital Ministry: Holy Family has a relationship with Emerson Hospital in Concord. Individual volunteer opportunities will vary depending on situations. For more information, contact Timothy Duff at 978-287-3015.

Prison Ministry: Prison ministry provides an opportunity to share your faith in a very special way. Our parish works with MCI Concord and NECC (‘the Farm’), both located at the Concord Rotary. Both of these institutions house active Catholic communities. Deacon Tom Anthony, the Chaplain for MCI Concord and NECC runs a wide variety of programs which always welcome volunteers to join the inmates on their journey of faith. Your work in any of these programs lets them know that they are not alone in their journey and that they have the support of their brothers and sisters in Christ.  Click here for more info