Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant

Christmas pageant

Holy Family welcomes all children in grades K-8 to register for this year’s Christmas pageant! The pageant will be held on Sunday, December 22, 2019 immediately following the 5pm Mass in the upper church.

Informational Meeting: November 3 at 11:30

For parents who would like more information, please join us for this informational meeting in Monument Hall on November 3 at 11:30. Not attending this meeting will not preclude children from attaining certain roles. We will choose randomly from all the children registered. (Please register below!)

Rehearsals: (both rehearsals are mandatory)

First rehearsal: December 8, 2019, 6-7:30pm in the church
Dress rehearsal – December 21, 2019 11:30am-2pm in the church
(We will begin the dress rehearsal downstairs with pizza for the children)
Pageant: December 22, 6pm, church
Please arrive at 4pm for pizza and wardrobe

Who’s Who

Children in grades 4-6 are invited to be narrators (they can play other roles as well)

Children in grades 7-8 are invited to sing in the pageant choir, which will sing a transition song after Mass and before the beginning of the pageant. If enough children register for this, we will have special rehearsals just for it.

Children of all ages are welcome to audition to play a musical instrument as part of the pageant

Parents: we need parent volunteers to help with the following items:
Help children with costumes (Dress Rehearsal/ Pageant)
Refreshments (Dress rehearsal/pageant)

Terri Bono, co-director:
Jaye Russo, co-director; director of religious education:
Elizabeth Woodard, musical director; pastoral associate:

Please register below!