Programs for Youth

Programs for Youth

Families are encouraged to bring children to our parish from the earliest times in their lives!

Through celebration of the sacraments and participation in a faith learning community, we invite children of all ages into the active life of the parish. We invite new parents to reach out prior to the birth of your baby or soon after the birth to inquire about baptism, the sacrament by which a person becomes part of God's Church family.

New parents are asked to take a one-hour baptism preparation course prior to your first child's baptism. Contact the office at 978-369-7442 to schedule a baptism and to register for the class. (They are held on the first Thursday of alternating months - Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec.) As your child grows preparation and reception of the sacraments of first reconciliation, first communion and, eventually, confirmation, are woven into our K-10 religious education program.

At Holy Family Parish, we believe faith formation is an ongoing process meant to draw us into closer relationship with Christ and the Church. Faith formation is much broader than simply "instructing in the faith;" rather it is the term that embodies the curriculum of the whole Church, including community, liturgy, proclamation, and teaching. Recognizing that parents are the first and best educators of their children in matters of faith, program is meant to strengthen and build upon the faith formation that occurs within families.