Light of the World Retreats

Light of the World Retreats

Once-twice per year, Holy Family hosts a “Light of the World” retreat.

These retreats are held at the parish and last for a weekend.  People return home to sleep. The retreats are open to adults. Approximate schedule for the retreats is: Friday evening 7-9pm; Saturday and Sunday 9-8:30pm. We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as plenty of snacks, drinks, coffee, and tea. The focus of the retreats is to clear a space in the busy lives of retreatants to encounter God in a meaningful, kerygmatic way. Retreat activities include listening to talks, individual and group prayer, adoration, small group discussion, and community meals. Holy Family asks for a donation of $30 per adult to offset the cost of food.

At the conclusion of the retreat, participants have the option of continuing to meet in small group communities for ongoing spiritual conversation. For more information, please email

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