Dynamic Parish

Dynamic Parish

Our Concord-Carlisle parish collaborative is beginning an exciting new initiative called “Dynamic Parish.” It will provide Holy Family and St. Irene’s with great resources and events for us all to grow together in faith. Our collaborative is one of only 61 across the country to be part of this new initiative, and it comes at no cost to us. In return, we provide Dynamic Catholic with valuable feedback on the materials and what worked best for us.

What is Dynamic Parish?

Dynamic Parish is a dynamic collaboration between God, our parishes, and Dynamic Catholic to re-energize our parishes one person at a time. More tangibly, Dynamic Parish is a five-year partnership with our parishes to uncover what it takes for a parish to become truly dynamic.

Isn’t our Parish Already Dynamic?

Yes! Both St. Irene’s and Holy Family are wonderful witnesses of faith, devotion, and relationship with God. Dynamic Parish aims to engage even more people, making the parishes even more dynamic. More specifically, it aims to rely on the faith of already dynamic Catholics to extend the invitation to more people.

Why are We Doing Dynamic Parish?

Holy Family and St. Irene began its collaborative in June of 2019. Dynamic Parish is a program that gives us the opportunity to take a meaningful first step together. We share a pastor and a parochial vicar, and Dynamic Parish is the tool that they have selected to begin this shared life in ministry, prayer, study, and service. Dynamic Catholic provides parishioners with:

(1) an opportunity to deepen their own faith lives through increased prayer, study, and engagement, as well as

(2) a call to use their faith to better the world, to witness to the power of God, and to invite others into the dynamism that gives them such joy.

What’s Next?

If you haven’t seen our launch video, click above!

The next step is our “Bigger Future Survey,” which helps measure our current level of dynamism and engagement. To take the survey, CLICK HERE! No special codes are needed; you can skip those questions.

Our first big event was the Dream Event held on Thursday, December 12, 2019.  Please see some pictures from the event below!

Dynamic Catholic will also provide us with materials for deeper engagement. The first of these materials were offered to parishioners in December – stay tuned!

Who do I contact with Questions?

Please Read this Dynamic Parish Overview!

Click the link below to download.

Download [10.00 MB]