A Concord Pastor Comments

A Concord Pastor Comments


  • Homily for February 16 February 16, 2020
    Image sourceHomily for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass   To what ever you choose, stretch forth your hand… That was Sirach’s advice to us in today’s first scripture. To what ever you choose, stretch forth your hand… • So, TO WHAT do you and I stretch forth our hands? What do we […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/16 February 16, 2020
    I don't enjoy doing laundry, Lord,least of all washing sheets and pillow cases- but yesterday was the day...I pushed myself to strip my bed,throw the linens in the washer,move them to the dryer,and fold them well enough to avoid wrinklingon the way back to my bedroom...It was while I was grumblingabout making the fitted sheet […]
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  • Pause or Prayer: SATURDAY 2/15 February 15, 2020
     February Late Afternoon From Bordeaux by Roger ColsonOn Friday mornings I set out for Bridgewater, returning on 24 North, late in the afternoon... On yesterday's homebound driveI couldn't miss or fail to be grateful, Lord,for the lengthening of days:sunset a full hour laterthan back on late December's solstice...Earth's slow, shadowed sun dance reminds me, Lord, […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/14 February 14, 2020
    When you pause for prayer today,read these ten Valentines from God: sent to all of us, intended for each of us.Perhaps you'll forward or share this post with others who might be grateful for reminders of how loved they are...  God's Valentines for YOU!  ♥ No one has loved you longer than I have:        […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/13 February 13, 2020
    The approach of Valentine's Day is exciting for many but difficult for those who are alone, lonely or brokenhearted.  Perhaps you've experienced a heartbreak... a loss... a grief...  a disappointment... or perhaps you'll share this post with another whose heart needs healing...  Here's Jan Richardson's blessing for the brokenhearted... A Blessing for the BrokenheartedThere is […]
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  • Just sayin... February 13, 2020
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  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 2/12 February 12, 2020
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  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/11 February 11, 2020
    Take My Heart by Gwen MehargWho doesn't long and prayfor peaceful days and restful nights?Who doesn't hopefor a day without worries,an evening brimming with contentment?Whose heart doesn't acheto be known, accepted and loved - no strings attached?Who among us knows anotherwhose heart's greatest desiresare any different than our own?We are all much more the same […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 2/10 February 10, 2020
    Image: George MendozaGood morning, good God!Got some upside-down, inside-out,turned-around sideways thoughts, Lord- and I'm not sure how to sort them out...Some days I'm thinking one way,the next day another way- and sometimes the difference is hours, not days!Sometimes I'm strong and confident- until I start feeling hesitant, timid, unsure...Sometimes I know exactly what to do […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for February 9 February 9, 2020
    Salt and Light by Bernie Rosage, used with permissionHomily for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass   Sometimes it’s just as important to be aware of what Jesus doesn’t say as it is to pay attention to what he doessay. For instance, in the gospel we just heard, Jesus doesn’t tell us […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/9 February 9, 2020
     Make known to me your ways, O Lord, and teach me your paths...- Psalm 25 Left or right?  Straight ahead or double back?Proceed with caution or come to a stop? Highway or the scenic route?Stay the path or fnd a new route? Even if I don't leave my house, Lord,at least a couple of times today I'll […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/8 February 8, 2020
    Image sourceJust yesterday, Lord, a dear friend(who's been through a long rough patch)told me she'd turned a corner,was starting to feel like her old self again...Because I've been there, Lord,I know just what she was talking aboutand I know the relief and the hopethat such a moment brings...But I also know how easy it isto […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/7 February 7, 2020
    Today's Pause for Prayer begins with the keynote address (12 minutes, 12 great minutes) delivered by Arthur Brooks at this year's National Prayer Breakfast held yesterday, February 6.  The video here provides a study in stark contrasts...Brooks' most recent book: Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.  Tweet   […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for PRAYER: 2/6 February 6, 2020
    Image sourceSometimes, Lord, I see everything so clearly:I understand things,I see where I've been and where I'm going- everything fits and it all makes sense!And then there are the other times, Lord...Times when everything's fogged inand I'm lost in the dark,reaching, feeling my way forward,my steps unsure on an unknown path...And sometimes, Lord,not more than […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 2/5 February 5, 2020
    I think I understand that you love me, Lord,   but it's harder for me to believe that you like me...There are so many days   when I don't like myself...It's not easy to imagine    that you seek me out      and choose me as your friend,   that you enjoy my company       and want to spend […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/4 February 4, 2020
       Lord, it's likely that sometime today     someone will push my buttons         challenge my good will         misread my intentions            tick me off               try my patience                  rattle my cage                      judge me in haste,                        test my kindness      or do all of the above...       […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for February 2 February 3, 2020
    Image sourceHomily for the Feast of the PresentationScriptures for today's Mass • Jesus is the light of the world…We might all be better off if we paid  a little more attention to the people Jesus pays attention to,the very people for whom Jesus came to be the light in their darkness.And who are they?• Even a […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 2/3 February 3, 2020
    Image: George MendozaGood morning, good God!There come times, Lord,with more than the usual numberof loose ends, unanswered questions,and forks in the road:confusing times when no effort will hurry the futureintent on taking its timeand making its own schedule...These slow, waiting days, Lord,are too many and too longfor holding one's breath - and waiting for the […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/2 February 2, 2020
    January is history and we're into Februarybut you, Lord, you don't count days or months or years,you don't consult calendars or watch clocks:you're eternal, infinite, you're always and forever- time is our business, time is our concern...And for us timekeepers, Lord, today's calendar date iscurious, interesting, amusing and unusual:For us, a numerical nicetylast seen some […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/1 February 1, 2020
    Image sourceLord,wake merouse me nudge me prod meshove me pinch mebump me turn mepush mekick meshoulder, press and jostle me...out of my sleep my slumpmy funkmy rutmy lowsmy bluesmy blahsmy sulk my gloommy moodmy fears and my self-pity...that I mightwakerevivestirrise rallymovestand actspeakjoin intouch, receive and shareyour peace, O Lord,and the love of those around me […]
    Concord Pastor

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Two-Word Prayers

Calm me,
quiet me,
settle me...

Steady me,
balance me,
ground me...

Plant me,
root me,
embed me...

Support me,
sustain me,
protect me...

Forgive me,
pardon me,
free me...

Refresh me,
restore me,
heal me...

Enfold me,
embrace me,
hold me...

Lord, hear my prayer today!

A Daily Prayer

A Daily Prayer