A Concord Pastor Comments

A Concord Pastor Comments


  • No palm this year? Then make do! April 4, 2020
    Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday but churches won't be open this weekend and palm branches won't be distributed. What to do?The suggestion has been made that folks take any decorative branches and affix them to their front doors - right where you might have hung your Christmas wreath!When Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds waved palm […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/4 April 4, 2020
    Image sourceOur worship this weekend on Palm Sunday begins with blessing of palm branches and singing Hosanna! Even here, on the first day of Holy Week, there's room for joy in Lent.  Within moments, however, the mood of our prayer changes with the day's readings, culminating in the gospel of the passion (the suffering and […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Night Prayer: FRIDAY 4/3 April 3, 2020
    Another day is done, Lord:and not an easy day was it, in this world of yours,a world I'm learning, day by day,not to take for granted...Day is done and I'm grateful for your being by my side-even when I left your path to follow my own:there were times today, Lord,when I felt you tugging on […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Join me for prayer for Palm Sunday April 3, 2020
     I'll be celebrating Mass for Palm Sunday      on Saturday, April 4, at 4:00 p.m. Here's a link to the live stream.Tweet     Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments 
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  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/3 April 3, 2020
    Image sourceI praise and thank you, Lord,for the patience of time healing my wounds,for the patience of tears bathing my pain,for the patience of mercy forgiving old sins...I praise and thank you, Lord,for the patience of days keeping me going,for the patience of growth when I'm dragging my feet,for the patience of time biding my […]
    Concord Pastor
  • NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 4/2 April 2, 2020
    (This is the first installment of a daily Night Prayer. Each Night Prayer post will include a song; this evening, a beautiful piece by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli)  Night and day you watch over me, Lord:with your strong arm and your gentle touch you hold me and care for me as your child,your own, […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Timing your 20 Second Hand Wash April 2, 2020
    Image sourceHat tip to my sister for suggesting that instead of singing Happy Birthday when washing our hands for sanitizing purposes - we might, instead, say the Lord's Prayer.When prayed mindfully, this takes just a little more than the recommended 20 seconds and gives us an opportunity to pray for all who are suffering with […]
    Concord Pastor
  • When day is done... April 2, 2020
    I've been writing this blog for over 12 years.  Prayers I've written have always been part of my work here and since Lent of 2012 I've offered a prayer post seven days a week.  These prayers are published in the morning and often focus on the day ahead.  One faithful reader has often encouraged me […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/2 April 2, 2020
    One thing I'm sure of, Lord -today's news will continue to supplyplenty of distressing news and statistics:   it's going to get worse before it gets better...But I know that no matter how bad the news:   the word of your truth will come to console us,   the gift of your peace will anoint our hearts,   your […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 4/1 April 1, 2020
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  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/31 March 31, 2020
    If only I'd trust your promises, Lord,with the hope I have that spring will come...If only I'd serve my neighbors' needsas well as I generously tend to my own...If only I'd think as kindly of allas I do of my best, my closest friends...If only I'd do what you ask of meas surely as I […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 3/30 March 30, 2020
    Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza Good morning, good God!Sometimes I forget, Lord... Sometimes I forget that people along my pathare just as fragile as I can sometimes be -just as fragile and just as vulnerable...When I look honestly at my past I remember those who've been saddened and hurt by my haste, my […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/29 March 29, 2020
    Image sourceWhen we lose our way and search for your light,   Lord, let your face shine upon us...When worry and fear cloud our hope and our trust,   Lord, let your face shine upon us...When confusion eclipses our view of the truth,   Lord, let your face shine upon us... When we turn from the light and hide […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Live Stream: Mass for the Fifth Sunday of Lent March 28, 2020
    This was our first effort at live streaming, a good trial run for Holy Week!Tweet    Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments 
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/28 March 28, 2020
    So many things keep me from prayer, Lord,even in these troubled times... So many things, large and small, pull me in a dozen different directions and slowly, surely, my time for prayer slips to the bottom of my list of things to do and then I'm too tired or I forget,or I'm too worried or […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/27 March 27, 2020
    Whatever the weather today, Lord- and I hear it's going to be cloudy...Whatever the news that's breaking- and I know it might not be good...Whatever my fears and worries- the ones I can't let go...Whatever, whatever, whatever, Lord- whatever this day might bring:open my eyes, my ears and my heartto see, to hear, and to […]
    Concord Pastor
  • About those Fridays in Lent March 26, 2020
    It's a Thursday in Lent, the day on which I would usually post a reminder that Friday's in Lent are days of abstaining from eating meat.  However... we've just received the following message from the Archdiocese (emphasis added): Our plans for Lent this year have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis.  In support […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/26 March 26, 2020
    Coronavirus: magnified 120,000XIt's amazing, Lord,how something microscopic,invisible to the naked eye,how something so small, so tiny,how something so indiscerniblehas the power to humble the worldand bring us all to our knees...It's amazing, Lord,how we who think ourselves so wise and intelligent,rational and perceptive,resourceful and knowledgeable - find ourselves confounded and baffledby something as microscopically simple […]
    Concord Pastor
  • A special prayer for March 25 March 25, 2020
    Annunciation by TannerToday (March 25) the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Annunciation.  Today's feast celebrates the moment when, with the message from the angel Gabriel, Mary conceived the Christ Child in her womb. (If you do the calendar math, you'll see that here begins Mary's pregnancy and that Christmas 2020 is exactly 9 months […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY March 25, 2020
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Two-Word Prayers

Calm me,
quiet me,
settle me...

Steady me,
balance me,
ground me...

Plant me,
root me,
embed me...

Support me,
sustain me,
protect me...

Forgive me,
pardon me,
free me...

Refresh me,
restore me,
heal me...

Enfold me,
embrace me,
hold me...

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A Daily Prayer